Raspberry Puree - 100%

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Committed to developing local production, Ponthier has selected several varieties of raspberries from small producers in the Corrèze and Dordogne regions. This proximity between the crops and Ponthier's processing workshops also means that the fruit can be processed as close as possible to the time of harvest. There are a majority of Tulameen and Paris varieties among those selected, to give a beautiful blend rich in flavours. Tulameen raspberries are renowned for their delicacy, offering a generous and juicy pulp with deliciously tart and sweet notes. As for the Paris variety, it provides excellent taste, aroma and fragrance. The qualities of each variety create a deliciously balanced recipe with an intense and indulgent colour.

- Origin: France
- Colour: Red
- Flavour Combinations: Coconut, passion fruit, yuzu, red bell pepper

Weight: 1 KG

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Weight: 1 KG

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