Camarosa, Mara des Bois Strawberry Puree - 100%

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Maison Ponthier offers a strawberry purée combining the Camarosa and Mara des Bois varieties. The Mara des Bois strawberry selected by Maison Ponthier, grown in Morocco and France brings a fruity, woody note to the purée and enriches its aromatic profile. The purée has a beautiful fragrance and a flavour that is fresh, full-bodied and indulgent, particularly owing to the achenes being removed during the production process. Light red in colour, its texture is perfectly smooth and even, true to the fleshy appearance of the fresh fruit.

- Origin: Morocco, France
- Colour: Pale red
- Flavour Combinations: White peach, passion fruit, yuzu

Weight: 1 KG

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Weight: 1 KG

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