Lemon Puree - 100%


Maison Ponthier lemon purée is obtained by extracting the juice and removing the fibres. Sicilian lemons are selected for their distinct high quality. The volcanic island of Sicily, encircled by mountains, is a very fertile terroir to grow citrus fruit. The island's mountains mostly comprise tertiary land, known as "Trubi" or "sandy marls", where the soil is rich in chalk, minerals and fine yellow sand. This well-drained soil is ideal terrain for citrus groves. Moreover, the mountains abound with small streams which provide a steady supply of water. The naturally sunny climate of the island also contributes to the fine quality of Sicilian fruit, since continuous sunshine is essential for citrus fruit to mature correctly.

- Origin: Italy (Sicily)
- Colour: Pale yellow
- Flavour Combinations: Strawberry, yuzu, mandarin, mint

Weight: 1 KG

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Weight: 1 KG

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