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Frozen Pasteurised Whole Egg - Cocotine


Because they are so rich in protein and vitamins, whole eggs are real health boosters. And when you add a dash of creativity, they can be reinvented to jazz up your cuisine.
Cocotine Pasteurised Whole Egg comes from chickens raised in France, a guarantee of its outstanding quality. A carton of Cocotine’s liquid whole eggs contains 22 eggs (about 1 kg).

> Advantages of our Pasteurised Whole Egg

Cocotine’s liquid whole eggs save loads of time, because the product comes ready to use and is so simple to employ.
In addition, the freezing process gives it a long shelf life so you can keep it in stock for up to 24 months. Store this liquid egg in the freezer, in its original packaging.
Its recyclable carton delivers consistent quality and the optimal preservation of your liquid whole egg’s nutritional value, freshness and taste.

> Ideal for food service professionals
• Can be used in a wide variety of recipes. On the savoury side, it makes great omelettes. And on the sweet side, let your imagination run wild! Use your Cocotine Pasteurised Whole Egg to make delicious pastries and other desserts like flan, sponge cake and brioche.
• Thaw each carton for 12 to 24 hours (at a temperature of 0-4°C). Shake well before using.
• Use within five days of opening.

Weight: 6*1KG

Pickup available at Le Farinier Warehouse

Usually ready in 24 hours

Weight: 6*1KG

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