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Les Grands Moulins De Paris

Flan powder - Mix for flan cream


A well-balanced mix for making confectioner's custard


> A mix for making premium, hot-prepared confectioner's custard:
• A smooth and creamy texture.
• A pale yellow colour.

> Delicious vanilla flavour.

> Can be labelled "pure butter" if the recommended recipe is used.

> A recipe that meets your needs:
• Quick and easy to prepare: just add one egg during preparation.
• Suitable for adding aromas, flavourings, and alcohol.


• Ideal for filling fruit tarts (raspberry, strawberry, pear, etc.).
• Stable upon quick freezing and baking.

weight: 10 KG

Pickup available at Le Farinier Warehouse

Usually ready in 24 hours

weight: 10 KG

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