Lychee Puree - 100%

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The lychees selected by Maison Ponthier are harvested from old trees situated in the region of Toamasina, on the east coast of the island. Toamasina’s land is favourable for lychee crops: an orange, very rich soil and a tropical climate marked by heavy rains during the southern winter and high temperatures during the rest of the year. Following harvest, the fruit is selected according to very strict specifications. Each bunch is then carefully peeled by hand in order to preserve all the qualities of this particularly soft and fragile flesh, with flavours of rose and muscat.

- Origin: Madagascar
- Colour: Light beige
- Flavour Combinations: Raspberry, coconut, quince
Weight: 1 KG

Pickup currently unavailable at Antelias Garden Tower

Weight: 1 KG

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