Imbert chestnut cream


Aubenas Imbert® chestnut cream has a supple, fine texture, with an incomparable silkiness. Discreetly sweet, it lets the natural texture and original taste of the fruit shine through, without ever masking them, in perfect balance.

As creamy as you like, you can enjoy it on a simple slice of bread or, for even greater indulgence, on a crèpe or waffle. Accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it's sure to delight children. Contrast its sweetness with the freshness of yoghurt or fromage blanc. Finally, for something a little more original, pair it with a goat's cheese, especially a picodon from Ardèche, for a remarkable match of terroir!

Whether you're new to chestnut purée or a seasoned connoisseur, you'll enjoy a gourmet experience!

Chestnuts (50% EU origin), sugar, Bourbon vanilla.

4 years

Keep refridgerated after opening

Weight: 1 KG

Pickup available at Le Farinier Warehouse

Usually ready in 24 hours

Weight: 1 KG

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