Dark Chocolate Vanini - 72%

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Chocolate for coatings of extraordinary quality, for which a cocoa of the finest origins is used. Great character, intense taste, smooth, slight acidity with fruit and spice bouquet. Exceptional fluidity.

> In chocolatier
Special in pralines with a presence of alcohol, especially if aged (rum, whiskey, brandy, wines, Marsala and Madeira). Perfect for soft filling in bars and cherry liqueur chocolates. Excellent in coating.

> In pastry
Ideal in miniature desserts with chocolate cream, in fillings of light cream and autumnal fruit (chestnuts, figs and pomegranates). In baked products, excellent in dough with hazelnuts and walnuts.

> In ice cream making
Excellent for an intense and harmonious ice cream, perfect for chocolate sherbets, even containing alcohol. Excellent for use directly as chips.

Weight: 12 KG

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Weight: 12 KG

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