Dark Chocolat Mabel - Cocoa 56%


Dark chocolate covering with a smooth cocoa and chocolate taste. Its round and uniform taste is assured by the selection of special cocoa beans and the recipe that balances sugar and cocoa. Simple and appealing, it is capable of satisfying all tastes; goes well with other ingredients, it is loved by professionals; versatile to work with, it is an essential product in any laboratory – it blends immediately and easily in every combination.

> In chocolatier
Base product for all the countless uses in chocolate making, for moulding of bars and chocolates, where filling dominates. Suitable to mould hollow shapes.

> In pastry
Versatile, both for mignon and cakes, and for whatever must be coated and iced without covering the importance of the fillings, also combined with delicate fruit-based creams.

> In ice cream making
With a good balancing of the ice cream bases, it offers ice cream or semifreddo cold desserts with a classic and linear taste.

Weight: 15 KG

Pickup available at Le Farinier Warehouse

Usually ready in 24 hours

Weight: 15 KG

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