Blackcurrant Puree - 100%

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What makes the blackcurrants selected by Maison Ponthier so special is that they are the reputed Noir de Bourgogne French variety grown in the Burgundy region. The Noir de Bourgogne variety is known for its smooth, shiny skin coloured dark blue to licorice black and its firm, particularly juicy and tart berries. In Burgundy, cultivating the most aromatic varieties of blackcurrant is a veritable tradition. There is even a 'Route du Cassis' in the region, a winding route through the Hautes Côtes hills meandering between fields of blackcurrants and artisans' boutiques. To guarantee optimal quality, the small, black berries are harvested when fully ripe, once they have gorged on the generous June sunshine.

- Origin: France (Burgundy)
- Colour: Black
- Flavour Combinations: Blueberry, morello cherry, pear, wild strawberry

Weight: 1 KG

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Weight: 1 KG

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