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The quality of any kitchen lies in its raw materials. Whether it is spices for an entrée, flour for a dessert, or even the sugar for a cup of coffee, the highest quality of ingredients is integral. Through research, attention to detail and experience, Le Farinier has chosen their suppliers from only the best in their respective industries.

If you have the best bakery equipment, your pastries just won’t be as delectable without the perfect chocolate. Utilize our expert knowledge of baking and restaurant supplies from an accumulated experience working in wholesale supply.

All the ingredients you’ll need for your business to flourish in Lebanon, the Middle East and throughout the MENA region.


For any kitchen, your equipment is an essential investment that you must be able to rely on. If the tools you need end up holding you back, your business can find itself struggling to keep up in the already competitive industry. With a wealth of restaurants in Beirut our experience has taught us that even the best restaurants and bakeries can have difficulties from even the smallest of mistakes.

Le Farinier understands how important your goals as a business are, and how your kitchen equipment plays into that. The difference between success and failure often lies in the productivity and cost effectiveness of your establishment and cooking techniques. Without the right machines to make your job easy, your profit margins higher and consistently remain up and running you will be handicapped against your competitors.

To choose the best equipment we combine our knowledge from every sector of the culinary industry, understanding our suppliers products from a number of different angles of expertise to find you the highest quality products for your kitchen.


One of the many things our experience in the hospitality and culinary industry has taught us is that nothing seems to go exactly how you plan. No matter how much importance you place in the attention to every detail and planning weeks in advance, there’s no telling what changes may happen in the last minute. Whether your running a restaurant, bakery or café you may end up having a problem with your equipment that needs resolved.

Being hampered by equipment not working properly or waiting excessive amounts of time for repairs to take place can be costly to your business. In order to meet the goals of your business, maintenance and repair of your equipment by a company with a high level of expertise is essential. If things end up breaking down or your equipment merely needs some maintenance work, you need to get it done by a company that makes repairs that lasts and keeps your equipment running longer.

With our extensive range of commercial ovens, restaurant equipment, baking machines and cooking equipment we have specialist with experience in fixing a wide range of problems.


Specialization is essential to any complex task. The skills necessary to run a restaurant are many and it is often best to get an expert help in every element of your establishment to get the best possible result.

From restaurant architecture, to product distribution, equipment and maintenance just to name a few aspects of running a business in the culinary industry, a strong consulting group can make the difference between success and failure. As another part of complete services for culinary businesses, Le Farinier can answer your questions about the industry, supply you with the products and equipment you need while walking you through every step of the way with our consultancy teams at hand.

To better understand where your business needs to go, how you’re gonna get there and what you’ll need its best to get an opinion from someone with the experience to help. Let Le Farinier consultants help your business grow.


To excel you must understand every aspect of your business, not only well enough to do it yourself, but to pass on the knowledge to your employees.

No matter the product, every aspect of its creation must be kept to the highest standards to achieve the best results. Any employee involved in the process that may not understand their job adequately enough can effect the end result. To ensure your staff is knowledgeable in the task of operating their equipment, it can be helpful to have experienced trainers walk them through the process.

A long history of working in this industry, and years of training employees has resulted in an excellent training staff that will ensure your staff is well trained in using the equipment that is essential to your business.