Maintaining Your Business Through Your Restaurant Equipment

The restaurant industry spends in the billions of dollars every year on buying new and used restaurant equipment. Whether the specific establishment is a bakery, catering company, restaurant or any other member of the larger culinary sector, equipment costs make up a sizable portion of overall cost.

Despite this fact being well understood, why do most establishments spend so little on maintenance of their equipment? Even the best commercial oven, baking mixer or other piece of equipment is still a machine, and machines need taking care of in order to assure maximum productivity.

Many restaurateurs, even those with years of experience tend to neglect their baking and restaurant equipment until its too late, and they are paying for costly repairs or forced to buy new equipment. However, anyone that has worked in a restaurant understands that it is a busy and fast-paced job. This doesn’t always leave much time for checking equipment and ensuring regular maintenance is carried out. Nonetheless, a little organization and attention to detail in this aspect can work to ensure you aren’t spending more time, without your essential equipment when you need it most.

Through taking maintenance seriously a business owner is able to move from reactive repairs, wherein you have to fix a piece of equipment after it breaks down and causes a problem, to proactive repairs. Proactive repairs ensure your equipment is always functional and works to maintain the general state of your expensive equipment.

Taking care of restaurant equipment can actually save some money every month as repairs are much more costly than regular maintenance, while machines kept in a good condition use less power to run and can be sold for more when you’re done with the piece of equipment or need to upgrade.

Restaurant equipment is commonly sold used if it has been kept in good shape. Having a well-documented maintenance log will help a potential buyer both trust your product. Furthermore, it will be in a better condition in general allowing you to get the most out of selling your old equipment.

All in all regular maintenance works to keep your restaurant up and running, while saving you money. In the culinary industry where consistency is everything, broken machinery can greatly damage your establishment’s reputation. In an industry where word of mouth and recommendations are vital, there’s no price tag for reputation.

December 14, 2016 Articles